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why should you
give away your constitutional rights?

you are stripped of your rights every time you sign any type of contract that contains a binding mandatory arbitration (bma) clause.

and you have already signed many contracts containing bma clauses. each time you signed, you gave away your constitutional right to use the american court system to solve a disagreement, no matter how important the disagreement.

what is bma (binding mandatory arbitration)?

when a corporation includes a bma requirement in its contracts, it means your dispute must be decided by a private legal system. because bma clauses are "binding," you must abide by the decision and have no right to appeal.

this private, for-profit system

  • is a lawless system. the judges, called arbitrators, do not have to follow the law or even justify their decisions. (full story here).

  • takes away your right to appeal a bad decision

  • normally costs much more than using the courts

  • prevents you from being part of most class action lawsuits

  • favors business rather than you

without knowing it, you may have already signed dozens of these clauses. they’re everywhere: health insurance contracts, telephone contracts, car contracts, rental clauses, babysitting clauses, credit cards, bank loans, nursing homes, summer camps, house repairs—you name it.

virtually every major consumer group in america opposes binding mandatory arbitration. see the groups and read many of their position papers.

explore this site: your pocketbook and your sanity will thank you.

take back your rights! what you can do.