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the dangers of binding mandatory arbitration (bma) clauses

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help promote the givemebackmyrights project.

and make your efforts permanent. every month, thousands of consumers are injured by bma (binding mandatory arbitration) clauses. every month, thousands of businesses start using these abusive clauses. for the givemebackmyrights campaign to succeed, it must become a permanent fixture in the consumers’ minds.

here’s what to do:

  1. if you're with the press – many prominent consumer rights leaders are available for phoners, direct interviews, and media appearances concerning the givemebackmyrights project.
    click here or send an email to
  2. want to know the big picture on binding mandatory arbitration clauses in automobile sales and finance contracts (one of the worst areas of abuse)? head to our companion site,
  3. if you are an organization make both of these sites a permanent part of your web site and materials: and
  4. you can also get a link on this site, please e-mail us with your company name to register your link or get help linking to our site.
    click here or send an email to
  5. if you are an individual, tell all your friends about this site.
  6. if you have press contacts in your hometown, please contact them and give them both the givemebackmyrights and callbeforeyoubuy web addresses:, and and encourage them to publicize this project.

thanks! and if you have questions,
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