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the dangers of binding mandatory arbitration (bma) clauses

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help us pass legislation to protect you from bma!

support our legislative efforts to stop bma (binding mandatory arbitration) clauses in consumer contracts. our coalition is fighting to help pass both state and federal legislation, but we need your help: very few congressmen have wanted to support any bill to help you. we need your help in persuading them:

today write your congressman and senators a personal letter opposing bma (binding mandatory arbitration clauses) in consumer contracts. a personal letter is a powerful statement. ask them to help sponsor legislation to protect you from these abusive clauses. click this link to find your representative of congress.

today call your congressman's and senators' local and washington offices, and briefly state the same opposition to these clauses. find their phone numbers here . phone calls are very powerful statements.

have you been defrauded by a company or want to fight a bma clause? find a consumer lawyer with the national association of consumer advocates (naca).

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