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the dangers of binding mandatory arbitration (bma) clauses

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bma in regular bills and statements

how about bma clauses in your regular monthly bills and statements? you're going to have a hard time finding a phone company or insurance company or cable television company that doesn't have a bma clause. but you can still fight back.

download our statement stuffer (word / pdf) and begin including one of these every time you mail a check or letter to an offending company [note: this may not be accepted by the company, but it will help us highlight your concern. read this explanation (word / pdf)].

consider striking out any bma clauses. while this action may not cancel the clause, it does alert the company that you are dissatisfied. read our caution on this. (word / pdf)

how about the credit reporting bureaus? when you ask for a free credit report, you are now generally required to sign a bma clause. include a copy of our stuffer. (word / pdf)

can you negotiate away these clauses? give it a try. some companies will allow you to strike through their bma clauses. others give you the right to opt out of them. when you are dealing with any company, always tell them you will not sign a bma clause.

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